Medical Software for PDAs

Medical-PDA Courses in Australia
Effective as of 2006

Medical Software for PDAs will soon offer low-cost, interactive training to Australian handheld users, specifically tailored to the needs of the healthcare sector. Courses will cater to both beginners and experienced PDA users. Classes will be strictly limited in numbers so as to allow participants the most flexible and effective learning experience.

We can tailor training sessions to suit your needs and budget. Courses will include:

New Workshops/Classes

  • The Connected Mobile: Using Bluetooth to connect your PDA to Internet Services

  • Beginners Guide to Choosing a PDA

  • Introduction to PDA Databases

  • Introduction to Handbase

  • Database Concepts and Principles

  • Creating a database for use in anesthetics

These classes are designed to incorporate both Pocket PC and Palm OS applications and software.
Costs start at AU$250.00 per participant for a full course, materials will be provided. Courses may be held in-house at your premises, if required.

Alternatively, these courses may be delivered online. We are in the process of implementing an online education system suited to the needs of clinicians. Please email us at for further information. We are sure that the online materials will be very popular.


2006 Medical Software for PDAs