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International Health Organisations

American Hospitals Associations (AHA)
AHA is the national organization that represents and serves all type of hospitals, and health care networks. 

American Association of Health Plans
The American Association of Health Plans is the national trade association representing more than 1,000 health maintenance organisations, preferred provider organisations, point-of-service plans, and other similar health plans in the USA. 

Australian International Health Institute (AIHI)
The AIHI is an Australian-based company of the University of Melbourne developing new answers for new challenges associated with global health sector reform. 

Canadian Healthcare Association (CHA)
The CHA is the federation of provincial and territorial hospital and health organisations across Canada. 

ECRI is an independent non-profit health services research agency. ECRI's focus is healthcare technology, healthcare risk, and quality management, and healthcare environmental management. 

Health Affairs Journal
Health Affairs Journal is a leading international journal on health policy and health services network. 

Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA)
HCFA is the US federal agency that administers Medicare, Medicaid and the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). 

Health Information for Development
Documenting and developing the capacity of health information resource centres throughout the world. 

Health Service Journal (UK)
The Health Service Journal is published each week. Its readership includes healthcare managers - who run the NHS's health authorities, hospitals and community and primary care services. 

International Federation of Health Plans (FHP)
The FHP is a worldwide association of companies engaged in health insurance. 

International Hospital Federation (IHF)
IHF is an association supported by members from some 100 countries. IHF is officially recognised by the World Health Organisation as a significant non-governmental organisation in the health care field. 

International WHO Network of Health Promoting Hospitals
The International WHO Network of Health Promoting Hospitals supports hospitals to become a more health promoting setting. 

King's Fund
The King's Fund is an independent health care charity working to improve the health of Londoners by making change happen in health and social care. The Fund carries out research and development work to bring about better health policies and services. 

National Electronic Library for Health
The site is part of the UK National Health Service. It offers a range of links useful to those in health management and a searchable database of over 600 evaluated resources. 

New Zealand Ministry of Health
Site of the national health authority of New Zealand. 

Nuffield Institute for Health
Nuffield Institute for Health is a multidisciplinary health and social care management centre offering a wide range of courses, research and consultancy activities. 



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