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Australian Associations
Australian Council for Safety and Quality in Health Care
The Australian Council for Safety and Quality in Health Care was established in January 200 by Australian Health Ministers to lead national efforts to improve the safety and quality of health care. 

Australian Council on Health Care Standards
An independent not-for-profit organisation, dedicated to continually improving the quality of health care in Australia. Also provides national accreditation for hospitals and health care organisations. 

Australian Private Hospitals Association
Peak national industry association representing the private hospital industry. 

Australian Resource Centre for Hospital Innovations (ARCHI)
ARCHI promotes the dissemination of information and resources related to innovative health care delivery in hospitals and across the community. 

Australian College of Health Care Services Executives (ACHSE)
The Australian College of Health Care Services Executives was established in 1945 and aims to develop and foster excellence in Health Service Management through education and ongoing professional development of existing and potential health service managers. 

Health Information Management Association of Australia (HIMAA)
The Health Information Management Association of Australia is the peak national professional organisation representing Health Information Managers. We strive for the highest quality management of health information services, which we believe  make a valuable contribution to the effectiveness of health care delivery in Australia. 

The Australian Society for Medical Research (ASMR)
ASMR fosters excellence in Australian health and medical research, and to promote community understanding and support for health and medical research in Australia. 

The Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators (RACMA)
RACMA was founded with the aim if promoting and advancing the study of health services management by medical practitioners. 

Health Marketing
Aushealth International
Aus Health International was established by the New South Wales government. It facilitates export and other commercial opportunities in the health arena. 

A portal site for a range of health systems information. 

Medical equipment sales and service marketplace. 

The DealMakers Forum
Irving Levin Associates, Inc. is a privately held corporation that publishes research reports, newsletters and maintains databases on the health care and senior housing industry in the USA. 

Walter Wieners
Walter Wieners serves as an international healthcare management consultants with specialty expertise in e-health business strategy, business planning and portal development. 

eHealth & ITC
CHIK Services
CHIK Services (CHIK) Pty Ltd is an independent, not-for-profit company established to provide global communication services bridging the health and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sectors. Its key drivers are sustainable, affordable health care delivery; the application of appropriate technology; and regional development. 

Health Communication Network (HCN)
HCN is an Australian based e-health company with offices in Australia, the United Kingdom & New Zealand and customers in some 12 countries. 

Health Insurance Commission (HIC)
The HIC is Australia's primary health information and payment agency, and administers many major health programs and schemes. 

IBA was established in Australia in 1982. Its aim is to improve health and the efficiency of health care institutions and systems through the use of information technology. 

DRE Medical Equipment

Government Agencies
ACT Department of Health, Housing and Community Services
Australian Capital Territory Government Health Agency. 

Health Information
Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet
A truly innovative method - even by international standards - of making comprehensive, up-to-date information accessible to people interested in the health of indigenous Australians. 

Health Finder
A guide to reliable health information on from the US Department of Human Services. 

A Commonwealth Government of Australia initiative. It aims to improve the health of Australians by providing easy access to quality information about human health. 

Alcohol Awareness Council (USA)
Dedicated to  informing the public about the use and abuse of alcohol via the dissemination of the latest alcohol research, and statistical data brought to you by (USA) government agencies.

MD Choice
Portal site access to the best online, physician-reviewed health information. 

Site devoted to providing information on medication errors and adverse drug events in hospitals. 

National Prescribing Service
NPS is a non-profit organisation independent of government and the pharmaceutical industry. Their goal is to improve the health of Australians through quality prescribing of medicines. 



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